Core Vision Acquires Stake in the Chairman Group

Core Vision Acquires Stake in the Chairman Group

By Press Release, 24 October 2023

Core Vision Investment and The Chairman Holdings have announced a momentous investment partnership, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of both companies and achieving mutual success in business and investment. This partnership is expected to foster innovation and drive the growth of promising industries, contributing to the strengthening of the local economy and sustainable progress.

The announcement was made during a prestigious event attended by key figures in the business and investment sectors, who delivered inspiring speeches on the significance of strategic partnerships and the opportunities they present. Notable speakers included Faisal Al-Abdulsalam, the founder of Core vision Investment.

During his speech, Faisal Al-Abdulsalam emphasised the importance of personal branding in transforming investment dynamics. He expressed his belief in supporting diverse projects in the Kingdom, creating employment opportunities, and aligning Core vision's business and investment strategies with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

He aspired for Core vision to become an investment gateway and strategic partner for pioneering companies through its upcoming initiatives.Mohammed Ekramy added that the journey began with a workshop bringing together founders of various companies. He highlighted passion as the driving force behind achieving the company's goals, stating, "We embody your personal standards in developing your businesses, and your choice of these standards is the differentiating factor that builds your value and competitive advantage."

Core vision Investment is a specialised investment company that seeks visionary founders with passion, capabilities, and perseverance to turn their ideas into tangible realities that align with the company's strategy and investment criteria.

To date, Core vision has invested in over 70 projects across 13 different sectors, injecting over $7 million into investments, with a portfolio value exceeding $40 million. The new identity of Core vision was unveiled during the event, showcasing new quality services that support bold investments and build strategic partnerships with relevant entities.The Chairman Holdings is a leading holding group with five diversified companies based in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah).

The group focuses on providing innovative solutions to empower companies and executives through personal branding. It has established the first executive personal brand agency, offering over 35 different specialties, in addition to corporate branding, strategy development, partnerships, consultancy services, and technological solutions utilising artificial intelligence. The group also organises innovative executive events.

This partnership is expected to enhance growth and development opportunities for both companies, expand their reach, and acquire other existing companies in the fields of identity, marketing, and creative services, and strengthen their capabilities in innovation and the development of promising projects. It involves the exchange of expertise and knowledge to achieve their common goals and contribute to economic development and innovation in Saudi Arabia.


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