Nurturing Web3 Growth: Core DAO Launches the African Innovation Fund

Nurturing Web3 Growth: Core DAO Launches the African Innovation Fund

By Staff Writer, 28 January 2024

Core DAO is thrilled to unveil the African Innovation Fund, a transformative initiative designed to provide essential resources and networks for local Web3 builders and projects throughout Africa.

The primary goal of this newly established fund is to catalyze innovation, sustainability, accessibility, and overall growth within the African blockchain ecosystem.

The Current State of Web3 in Africa

The recently released 2023 Chainalysis Report highlights the emergence of several African nations as pivotal players in the global crypto landscape.

This trend is particularly noteworthy considering Africa is home to the world's youngest internet-savvy population.

Fueled by this tech-savvy demographic, innovators across the continent are leveraging blockchain technology to address local challenges and expand their impact on a global scale.

However, despite the promise, local builders encounter numerous challenges, including limited access to funding, technical resources, and high-level localized data and insights.

To facilitate a smoother onboarding process into the Web3 space, these innovators are actively seeking solutions.

Builders actively engaged in compelling Web3 projects across Africa are invited to explore the possibilities of collaborating with Core.

Interested parties are encouraged to share project details here, and the Core team will be in touch.

Source: Tom Jackson / Disrupt Africa

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