Congo's Digital Leap: $72.8 Million Project to Transform Tech Infrastructure

Congo's Digital Leap: $72.8 Million Project to Transform Tech Infrastructure

By Staff Writer, 22 May 2024

The Republic of the Congo is on the brink of a groundbreaking technological advancement as plans for a cutting-edge three-storey data centre in Brazzaville's Bacongo district emerge.

This initiative aims to establish a central hub for securely storing and processing the nation's digital information, a crucial step towards enhancing its digital infrastructure.

At the heart of this project lies the installation of a vast 600-kilometre-long fibre optic network, promising to revolutionize connectivity not only within the country but also with neighboring nations.

This network will link the Republic of the Congo to Cameroon over 341 kilometres and to the Central African Republic over 281 kilometres, traversing the Congo River.

Financially, the venture stands robust, with a total investment of $72.8 million (€66.97 million).

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is a pivotal contributor, offering $57 million (€52.47 million), while the Congolese government is also heavily invested, allocating $15.8 million (€14.50 million) of its own funds.

A significant portion of the budget, $14.6 million (€13.8 million), is specifically earmarked for constructing and setting up the data centre.

More than just a storage facility, the centre will boast specialized server rooms tailored to manage the nation's digital assets efficiently.

It will also house monitoring and supervision rooms, along with conference facilities for administrative and collaborative purposes.

Furthermore, the building will be equipped with energy and air-conditioning systems to maintain an optimal environment for its high-tech equipment.

The data centre's completion and operational launch are anticipated by December 2024, signaling a major stride in the Republic of the Congo's digital transformation journey.

Source: Tapiwa Matthew Mutisi / Innovation Village

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