ClusterLab's Reedz App Receives $600,000 Pre-Seed Funding Boost

ClusterLab's Reedz App Receives $600,000 Pre-Seed Funding Boost

By Press Release, 22 March 2024

ClusterLab, the company behind the Arabic audiobook summarization app Reedz, has secured $600,000 in pre-seed funding. This round boasts support from prominent investors, including Karim Beguir, early backers of InstaDeep, and regional angel investors, signifying a strong belief in Clusterlab's vision and potential.

Hailing from Tunisia with headquarters in the UAE, ClusterLab is a frontrunner in developing artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Their expertise is recognized through their collaboration with InstaDeep on a national AI initiative for Tunisia's Ministry of Higher Education, and their selection in the prestigious Nvidia Inception Program for AI startups. This commitment to collaboration underscores Clusterlab's dedication to leveraging AI for societal and educational progress.

"Our expertise in technology goes beyond the current wave of large language models," says Haithem Kchaou, Co-Founder and CEO of ClusterLab. "We've been pioneers in utilising NLP to revolutionise content summarization well before it became mainstream."

Echoing this sentiment, Chehir Dhaouadi, CTO and Co-Founder, expresses excitement for the future: "The coming months hold immense potential. We're eager to showcase the depth of our technological advancements to the public, particularly through the large-scale deployment of our AI solutions."

This infusion of funding will propel Clusterlab's research and development efforts, with a particular focus on advancing their next-generation large language models (LLMs). These advanced language models will further enhance Clusterlab's NLP capabilities, allowing them to refine user experiences within their AI-powered products like Reedz and Elm.

This marks a pivotal step in Clusterlab's mission: to revolutionise how Arabic content is created and consumed by leveraging the power of these models to ensure it's more accessible and engaging for users worldwide.


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