ChatGPT Plus Introduces Groundbreaking Memory Feature for Personalized Interactions

ChatGPT Plus Introduces Groundbreaking Memory Feature for Personalized Interactions

By Staff Writer, 01 May 2024

Artificial intelligence takes a step closer to human-like interaction with the latest update to ChatGPT Plus, as the feature "Memory" goes live for all paying users.

Following successful testing phases in both the free and premium versions of the AI chatbot, OpenAI has decided to roll out Memory functionality to paying subscribers worldwide, excluding Korea and Europe.

ChatGPT's Memory feature allows the AI to retain and recall important information shared during conversations.

Users can prompt the system to remember specific details or simply provide information about themselves that they want ChatGPT to store.

This means that during subsequent interactions, ChatGPT Plus can utilize stored information to provide more personalized and relevant responses.

Users have the opportunity to contribute to ChatGPT's Memory by sharing details about themselves, such as their age or location.

As a result, when they inquire about previously discussed topics, ChatGPT can recall and integrate this information, leading to more efficient and accurate conversations.

With Memory enabled, ChatGPT Plus aims to enhance user experience by streamlining interactions and delivering more tailored responses, marking a significant advancement in the capabilities of artificial intelligence technology.

Source: Lance Ulanoff / TechRadar

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