BYD Set to Rival Ford and Tesla with New Electric Pickup Truck

BYD Set to Rival Ford and Tesla with New Electric Pickup Truck

By Staff Writer, 05 April 2024

Chinese automaker BYD is gearing up to enter the electric pickup truck arena, announcing plans to unveil its inaugural model later this year.

With sights set on rivals like Ford and Tesla, BYD aims to make a splash in the global automotive market.

The company revealed that the midsize-to-large pickup truck has been meticulously crafted for international consumers, marking a significant expansion in BYD's product portfolio.

Although details on the vehicle's specifications remain scant, BYD showcased images of the truck adorned in vibrant orange and blue camouflage.

While withholding the sale price, BYD's new offering will vie for attention alongside established contenders such as the Ford Ranger, F-150 Lightning, Toyota Hilux, and Tesla Cybertruck.

This move signals BYD's intent to penetrate the lucrative pickup truck segment, known for its popularity in markets like the United States.

BYD's diverse vehicle lineup, spanning from the budget-friendly Seagull priced at 69,800 yuan to the extravagant U9 supercar at 1.68 million yuan, reflects the company's ambition to cater to a wide range of consumers.

Although absent from the U.S. market, BYD maintains a strong presence in regions like Thailand, underscoring its strategic global footprint.

Source: Arjun Kharpal / CNBC

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