BuuPass Acquires QuickBus, Paving the Way for Seamless Journeys

BuuPass Acquires QuickBus, Paving the Way for Seamless Journeys

By Staff Writer, 01 May 2024

Kenya's BuuPass has cemented its position as a key player in African intercity travel with its recent acquisition of QuickBus, a major competitor known for its strong foothold in Nigeria and South Africa.

This strategic move not only extends BuuPass's market reach but also promises to streamline the booking process for travelers across the continent, potentially revolutionizing bus travel in Africa.

The acquisition promises a host of benefits for African travelers, foremost among them being enhanced convenience.

BuuPass now boasts a combined user base of 650,000 monthly active users and an expanded network of over 5,000 routes spanning 16 countries.

This integration ensures that travelers can effortlessly book popular cross-border journeys, such as Johannesburg to Cape Town, directly through the BuuPass platform, with plans for further route expansions in the pipeline.

To facilitate a seamless transition, BuuPass will integrate QuickBus's development and product teams, as well as its South African head of operations, into its own structure.

This move aims to maintain a consistent user experience while capitalizing on QuickBus's existing integrations with major distribution channels, including Vodaphone's VodaPay app in South Africa, thereby broadening BuuPass's market reach and simplifying payment options for users familiar with these platforms.

Looking ahead, BuuPass is not content to rest on its laurels.

Building on QuickBus's capabilities, the company intends to diversify its services beyond bus ticketing.

Plans are underway to integrate train and flight booking options into its platform, offering African consumers a comprehensive and convenient travel planning solution like never before.

Source: Smart Megwai / Innovation Village

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