BIM Ventures and SBI Holdings Unveil $100 Million Investment Fund for Saudi Startups

BIM Ventures and SBI Holdings Unveil $100 Million Investment Fund for Saudi Startups

By Press Release, 27 May 2024

BIM Ventures, the Saudi Venture Studio, announced today at the Saudi Japan Vision 2030 Business Forum in Tokyo, Japan, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SBI Holdings. This collaboration, facilitated in partnership with the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia, aims to establish a joint investment fund dedicated to nurturing startups and investing in the Saudi market, with a total fund size of $100 million. 

The MoU was officially signed during the Saudi Japan Vision 2030 Business Forum in the presence of their excellencies from Saudi Arabia; the Minister of Energy, HRH Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Minister of Culture, HH Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan; the Minister of Investment, HE Eng. Khalid Al-Falih; the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, HE Eng. Abdullah Alswaha; and from Japan, Ken Saito, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. In addition to representatives from the Ministry of Investment and both companies.

This strategic partnership underscores the mutual commitment of Saudi Arabia and Japan to reinforce bilateral economic relations. The primary objective is to support innovative startups in the Saudi market by providing essential financial and logistical support to foster sustainable growth in this vital sector.

The fund is designed to assist startups by offering crucial funding during their establishment and growth phases. Additionally, it will provide expert guidance and mentoring to ensure the success of these emerging companies. The fund also aims to attract foreign investments into the Saudi market, creating a supportive and innovative investment environment.

Mohamed Amine Merah, Managing Partner and CEO of BIM Ventures, commented on the agreement, saying, “The partnership with SBI Holdings reflects our dedication to enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom. We aim to provide opportunities for startups to achieve growth and innovation, fostering bilateral relationships between Saudi Arabia and Japan. Our primary goal is to work with the Ministry of Investment to attract local and international partnerships, thereby positively impacting the Kingdom’s economy.”

Yoshitaka Kitao, Representative Director, Chairman, and CEO of SBI Holdings, added, “SBI Group positions the Middle East as a strategically important region and plans to strengthen deployment of management resources in this region. Together with MISA and BIM, SBI Group is honored to support venture companies in Saudi Arabia and contribute to the economic growth of the Kingdom by leveraging the global network and experience in venture investment accumulated since its establishment in 1999.”

This initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader vision to increase the private sector’s contribution to the GDP, attract more foreign investments, and elevate the Kingdom’s ranking among the top ten economies in the Global Competitiveness Index by 2030.


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