Secures Funding from Value Maker Studio for Saudi Market Expansion Secures Funding from Value Maker Studio for Saudi Market Expansion

By Press Release, 06 November 2023, a leading provider of customer engagement and e-commerce solutions, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking partnership with Value Maker Studio (VMS), an innovative venture studio dedicated to nurturing startup success for a smooth Saudi market expansion.'s cutting-edge platform specialises in omnichannel communication, sales channel optimization, e-commerce integration, and delivery management solutions.

Over the years, it has significantly contributed to the growth and success of businesses across Egypt and the MENA region, earning a reputation as a one-stop shop for retailers seeking to enhance their customer engagement strategies and sales operations.

Value Maker Studio (VMS), on the other hand, is a pioneer in value-focused innovation.

As a venture studio, VMS brings together a diverse range of talents, resources, and ideas to transform innovative concepts into thriving businesses.

Their mission is clear: to actively empower exceptional entrepreneurs, drive technological innovation, foster job creation, and secure a strategic foothold within the Saudi market. faced numerous challenges when exploring opportunities in Saudi Arabia, including navigating complex legal documents, securing financial support, and establishing critical market connections.

However, through their partnership with VMS, they discovered the bridge program, an initiative designed to provide seamless entry into the Saudi market for startups.

Facilitating Tech Startups' Saudi Market Expansion

Commenting on the partnership, Abdelrahman Galal, CEO and Co-founder of, said, "Our collaboration with Value Maker Studio marks a significant milestone in our journey. VMS's Bridge Program has been instrumental in helping us overcome the challenges of entering the Saudi market. In less than a month, we were able to secure contracts and establish partnerships with major chains in Saudi Arabia."

The synergy between and VMS is poised to disrupt the Saudi Arabian startup landscape, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and providing them with the resources, guidance, and mentorship needed to transform ideas into successful ventures.

With this partnership, and Value Maker Studio (VMS) affirm their commitment to fostering innovation, promoting economic growth, and unlocking the immense potential of the Saudi market.

Value Maker Studio (VMS) is proud to announce its new "Bridge Program," set to launch in January 2024, with applications opening in November 2023.

This program is designed to empower tech startups in Egypt to seamlessly expand into the Saudi Arabian market.

Leveraging its extensive experience, resources, and network, VMS aims to help entrepreneurs succeed, reduce risks, and offer them a range of support services, including financial, technical, legal, HR, and recruitment.

The comprehensive "Bridge Program" will consist of three days of intensive training and mentoring sessions, providing insights into the Saudi market, its investment landscape, identifying target audiences, understanding customer requirements, crafting compelling sales pitches, and addressing other crucial aspects to facilitate the expansion journey for Entrepreneurs.

The VMS Bridge Program doesn't just boost growth; it also simplifies access to funding opportunities and enhances connections with a diverse group of investors and mentors within the Kingdom and the region.

Program Partners include the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the General Division for Digital and Technology Economy, Adventurers, Cash Cow, U Youth, and FALAK.

Mr. Motaz Abuonq, the founder of VMS, expressed his enthusiasm for the program, stating, "The VMS Bridge Program represents a significant commitment to sponsoring and supporting startups. This initiative is a testament to our dedication to fostering growth, facilitating connections, and empowering companies to thrive as they expand into new markets. We are excited about the opportunities it will create for our partners and the positive impact it will have on the entrepreneurial ecosystem."


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