Archie – A New Acceleration Partner for the Next Generation of Fintech Disruptors

Archie – A New Acceleration Partner for the Next Generation of Fintech Disruptors

By Press Release, 30 August 2023
  • Serial entrepreneur Anthony Thomson co-founds new fintech growth business with a global team of fintech, digital banking and scale-up experts

  • Archie will identify and back high-potential, early-stage fintechs – partnering with the next generation of fintech disruptors that will define and lead the category

  • New fintech acceleration model will invest Archie’s intellectual capital, go-to-market expertise and growth toolkits, working alongside founders to accelerate their growth and leveraging the valuable ARCHIE NETWORK to build partnerships, support capital requirements and recruit talent

  • Global fintech funding totalled $75bn in 2022 taking total funding to over $350bn since 2018 – but fintechs need more than funding to successfully deliver go-to-market strategies, with 75% of VC-backed start-ups reportedly failing 


Sydney, London and Dubai, 28 August 2023

Archie – an innovative new fintech acceleration partner – launched on Monday (28/8) with a mission to scale the next generation of fintech disruptors that will define and lead the category.

With the belief that fintech founders need much more than financial backing to turn their ambitions into reality, Archie will identify and partner with a select portfolio of early-stage fintechs globally, working alongside founders to help supercharge their growth.

By investing intellectual capital and growth expertise into Series A & B firms at the most critical stage of their go-to-market strategy, Archie will improve the odds of high-potential fintechs breaking through and evolving from start-ups into sustained high-growth businesses.

Archie will initially focus on partnering with fintechs in Australia, the UK and the fast-expanding Middle East fintech market, where the team’s expertise, experience and networks are deepest and where they can help founders access global markets.

Led by one of fintech’s best-known serial entrepreneurs, Anthony Thomson (co-founder and former chair of Atom Bank, digital bank 86 400, and Metro Bank) with global tech and fintech leader Steve Brennen as founder CEO (Uber, PayPal, eBay & Zip), Archie brings together one of fintech’s strongest scale-up teams with deep expertise in delivering hyper-growth.

Archie will work side-by-side with fintech founders, deploying its team of experts to help supercharge partners’ growth, de-risk go-to-market strategies and maximise their chances of success.  Over the past twenty years, Archie’s team has been at the forefront of founding and scaling some of the world’s biggest brands and fintechs, including Uber, eBay, Paypal, Atom Bank and 86 400.

Co-Founder and Chair of Archie, Anthony Thomson says,

“Fintechs are a force of good – for years they’ve disrupted the financial services industry, providing better products, services and experiences for customers. But despite many great ideas, too many have fallen short, having not had the support they need. 

“Archie will change that. Our team is perfectly positioned to offer the real hands-on, senior support they need. And crucially, provide it now, with it being more important than ever for fintechs to use resources in the right way.

“The Archie model means our years’ of global expertise are embedded and our interests aligned – creating partners out of practitioners and ensuring founders and their fintechs reach the heights they should.”

Co-Founder and Archie CEO, Steve Brennen says,

“Realising your dream and building a fintech isn’t easy. But truly scaling one is even harder. The Archie team has been there and done it, got the scars and the t-shirt.

“We have the know-how, expertise and experience of scaling global businesses. We’ll be able to parachute in and help founders develop and implement Go-To-Market strategies, avoiding the pitfalls and levering Archie’s deep experience in strategy, marketing, sales & governance across tech and fintech, as well as accessing the ARCHIE NETWORK to ensure access to the right talent, partners and finance.

“We know there’s appetite for support just like this and I’m excited to help the next generation of fintech disruptors reach their potential – and help founders have the best journeys in doing so.”

Archie’s innovative new model will enable fintechs to superscale by offering:

  • experience, expertise & toolkits to lever them into hyper-growth; 

  • operational support, developing and implementing Go-To-Market plans, leveraging Archie’s deep global fintech, banking and tech experience in strategy, marketing and sales in highly regulated markets;

  • access to senior board advisors – including experienced Chairs & CEOs Anthony Thomson and Paul Pester – to strengthen governance and strategy; and

  • access to the ARCHIE NETWORK to build partnerships, support capital requirements and recruit talent.

Offering a new partner model to accelerate fintech growth, Archie will invest its intellectual capital, go-to-market and growth expertise, along with the highly-prized ARCHIE NETWORK in exchange for equity. 

This ‘equity first’ model is a key differentiator within the fintech ecosystem, designed specifically to ensure a true partnership with fintech founders, aligning all interests and focussing efforts on driving success.

Archie will be launching through a series of events across the rest of 2023, starting in Dubai on 12 September 2023. To find out more visit


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