Anthropic Launches Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Challenging AI Titans

Anthropic Launches Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Challenging AI Titans

By Staff Writer, 26 June 2024

Anthropic, a prominent player in the field of generative AI, has unveiled its newest creation, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, showcasing impressive performance just days after its launch. Competing directly with established models like OpenAI’s GPT-4o, Claude 3.5 Sonnet marks a significant stride in the race to develop advanced AI technologies amid a booming tech industry.

Founded in 2021, Anthropic distinguishes itself as a safety-focused firm, prioritizing responsible AI development over purely commercial interests. The company was established by former executives from OpenAI, including CEO Dario Amodei and President Daniela Amodei, who left citing concerns over safety practices at their former employer.

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Backed by substantial investments totaling $8.36 billion and supported by major players like Amazon and Google, Anthropic boasts a post-money valuation of $18.4 billion, according to Pitchbook data.

Anthropic has announced plans to expand its Claude 3.5 model family with upcoming releases such as Claude 3.5 Haiku and Claude 3.5 Opus later this year. While specific timelines remain undisclosed, the company aims to enhance the tradeoff between intelligence, speed, and cost with each new iteration. These developments are expected to cater not only to enterprise applications but also pave the way for future advancements in AI capabilities.

Source: Robert Hart / Forbes

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