AngelSpark Backs Plain Tiger's Eco-Friendly Procurement Push in Hospitality

AngelSpark Backs Plain Tiger's Eco-Friendly Procurement Push in Hospitality

By Press Release, 21 May 2024

UAE-based Venture Capital (VC) firm AngelSpark has made an investment in the B2B marketplace reshaping procurement practices in the hospitality industry, Plain Tiger.

Plain Tiger connects hotels with eco-friendly suppliers, saving them time and money and reducing their environmental impact. Suppliers get access to some of the leading hotels groups in the Middle East, while hotels can source from 300+ suppliers through Plain Tiger at the same price as working with them directly.

Co-founder and Director Alexandra Polson commented on the occasion, saying: “AngelSpark is a community of seasoned executives who've enjoyed success in their fields, and Oliver Baillie and I are excited for them to join our journey. Through the process, we've been so impressed by their conviction and shared vision for what we can achieve with Plain Tiger. We are delighted to give them an allocation in our $1.5 million Seed funding round that we will use to further develop our B2B marketplace technology, expand into KSA and accelerate more hotels' pathway to net zero procurement."

Abeer Nicola Nijmeh, AngelSpark’s internal sponsor in this investment "We're incredibly excited to formalise this investment from the commitment we made at the AngelSpark’s Women’s Day themed startup pitch event. We’re excited by Plain Tiger's vision to support hotels with their sustainability commitments and believe Plain Tiger has the right team and traction to deliver outsized impact and growth. We can't wait to support them in making a real difference!"


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