AlUla Leads the Charge with World's Longest Battery-Operated Tramway

AlUla Leads the Charge with World's Longest Battery-Operated Tramway

By Staff Writer, 12 February 2024

AlUla’s new battery-powered tramway heralds Saudi Arabia's strides towards a greener, more sustainable transportation network, asserted a senior official from the company responsible for its design.

In an exclusive conversation with Arab News, Mohammed Khalil, the managing director of Alstom KSA, highlighted the significance of the project, which stretches over 22.4 kilometers and encompasses 17 stations, making it the world’s longest tramway line powered solely by batteries, without the need for overhead wires.

Khalil emphasized that this initiative underscores a strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly modes of transport.

“As part of Saudi Vision 2030, (the tramway) supports the nation’s commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Khalil, adding: “This innovative transportation system plays a key role in reducing carbon emissions and advancing green technology. Battery-powered trams that rely on electricity sourced from renewable energy, lead to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, reducing reliance on fossil fuels."

Diverging from traditional tram systems, the vehicles employed in this project are propelled by rechargeable batteries instead of relying on overhead electrical lines.

This innovative approach not only minimizes the demand for extensive infrastructure but also contributes to a quieter, more visually appealing urban landscape.

The implementation of such eco-conscious transportation holds particular significance in AlUla, renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage sites and rich cultural heritage.

In this context, the tramway's battery-powered feature emerges as a valuable asset, aligning seamlessly with the region's commitment to cultural preservation and sustainable development.

Source: Reina Takla & Manal Al-Barakati / Arab News

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