Alphabet Eyes HubSpot: Potential Game-Changer in Cloud Software Race

Alphabet Eyes HubSpot: Potential Game-Changer in Cloud Software Race

By Staff Writer, 23 May 2024

Google's parent company, Alphabet, is eyeing a potential acquisition of HubSpot, a U.S.-based marketing software firm valued at $31 billion, in a move aimed at bolstering its competitive edge against Microsoft in the realm of cloud-based applications for businesses.

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that Google has been exploring the prospect of acquiring HubSpot, signaling what could potentially be Google's most significant acquisition yet.

Analysts and industry experts anticipate that such a deal would significantly expand Google's suite of products and services tailored to businesses.

With its Google Workspace collaboration tools already challenging Microsoft's Office platform, acquiring HubSpot would position Google as a formidable contender in the customer relationship management (CRM) sector.

Derrick Wood, an analyst at Cowen, noted that this move aligns with Google's ambitions to chip away at Microsoft's dominance in productivity suites.

By integrating HubSpot's offerings, Google could effectively bundle applications for clients, enhancing its competitive stance in the market.

Source: Milana Vinn / Reuters

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