ADQ and Qazaqstan Investment Corporation Launch Co-Investment Platform

ADQ and Qazaqstan Investment Corporation Launch Co-Investment Platform

By Staff Writer, 04 December 2023

ADQ, Abu Dhabi's wholly owned investment company, has partnered with Qazaqstan Investment Corporation (QIC) to establish a co-investment platform focusing on crucial sectors.

This include food, agriculture, mobility, healthcare, energy transformation, and clean technology.

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QIC, a private equity fund with a capitalization of $2.5 billion, is dedicated to bolstering Kazakhstan's private equity infrastructure and attracting foreign direct investments in priority sectors.

The collaborative platform, announced through a statement from ADQ, is geared towards exploring investment opportunities not only in Kazakhstan but also in other countries within the Central Asia and Caucasus region.

ADQ and QIC will contribute equal financial and operational resources to each investment, fostering a balanced and mutually beneficial partnership.

Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi, the Managing Director and CEO of ADQ, expressed the significance of the co-investment platform, stating, "The co-investment platform underlines ADQ’s commitment to developing partnerships in key markets that complement our investment strategy, which allows other nations to benefit from the considerable, diverse expertise our portfolio encapsulates."

ADQ's extensive portfolio, now valued at $200 billion, has experienced substantial growth, primarily driven by the outstanding performance of Abu Dhabi National Energy Co., the emirate's leading utility.

The launch of this co-investment platform marks another strategic move for ADQ, further solidifying its presence and collaborative efforts in key markets.

Seban Scaria / ZAWYA

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