ADIB Launches 'Business Souq': A Digital Marketplace for UAE SMEs

ADIB Launches 'Business Souq': A Digital Marketplace for UAE SMEs

By Staff Writer, 11 January 2024

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has unveiled its pioneering digital platform, the ADIB Business Souq.

This groundbreaking online marketplace is designed to revolutionize the SME landscape by slashing operational costs.

By aggregating a plethora of exclusive offers and discounts, the platform provides a holistic digital solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations and expenditures.

The ADIB Business Souq functions as a comprehensive digital ecosystem, offering SMEs in the UAE seamless access to a myriad of services and deals.

As the platform continually integrates fresh services and offers from a diverse range of UAE businesses, users can conveniently log in using their UAE mobile number, name, and OTP.

Post-login, they can browse through a plethora of offers, submit request forms, and anticipate responses from partner brands within a span of 48 working hours.

Amit Malhotra, the Global Head of Retail Banking at ADIB, hailed the initiative, stating, “The ADIB Business Souq is a game-changer for SMEs in the UAE. It is a one-stop platform that digitally connects SMEs with essential services such as accounting, HR, consultancy, and IT, all digitally accessible. This platform is a testament to ADIB's commitment to supporting the growth and success of SMEs."

To ensure a streamlined user experience, the platform dispatches email and SMS notifications upon request submission.

Users can also monitor their requests via the history tab and subsequently engage in discussions with partner brands to finalize pricing post-discount application.

A confirmation email seals the deal, notifying users once their activated offers are ready for utilization.

Highlighting ADIB's broader commitment to SME empowerment, the Business Souq is not confined to ADIB clientele but extends its services to all UAE-based SMEs.

Beyond availing a diverse range of services and offers, entrepreneurs can tap into a thriving community of suppliers via this complimentary platform.

Moreover, prospective SME clients can expedite their banking journey by swiftly opening an ADIB account through an entirely automated process, further underscoring ADIB's holistic support framework for the SME sector.

Source: TradeArabia

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