24SEVEN Ventures into UAE's Grocery Market, Pioneering Digital Transformation

24SEVEN Ventures into UAE's Grocery Market, Pioneering Digital Transformation

By Staff Writer, 18 March 2024

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the traditional methods still dominate the operations of many grocery stores, leaving ample room for advancements in digitization. This presents a promising opportunity for 24SEVEN as it expands its operations in the UAE, aiming to revolutionize the grocery retail sector.

Jarrar Shah, the Founder and CEO of 24SEVEN, highlights the importance of modernizing Point of Sale (POS) devices within the UAE's grocery stores. He emphasizes that this isn't merely about offering convenience to store owners but entails digitizing the entire ecosystem of small stores.

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into POS devices is a pivotal aspect of 24SEVEN's product development strategy. By leveraging advanced technologies like AI, small stores can significantly boost efficiency, cut costs, and enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

Shah elaborates on the vision behind 24SEVEN's initiative, aiming to transform traditional POS devices into comprehensive solutions that cater to all consumer needs. This move aligns with the essence of community commerce, particularly relevant in the context of small neighborhood stores.

Originally hailing from Pakistan, 24SEVEN has expanded its footprint in the UAE through relentless innovation and adaptation to technological advancements. Their flagship product, the 24SEVEN Optima device, stands out as an optimal solution for managing retail operations seamlessly, leveraging cloud support, AI, and natural language processing technology.

Market research conducted by Mordor Intelligence forecasts significant growth in the digital transformation market for retail sales. With projections indicating a surge from $243.57 billion in 2024 to $541.44 billion by 2029, the potential for tech-driven solutions in the retail sector is immense.

Shah's research underscores the substantial market size of UAE's grocery and convenience store sector, estimated at $37 billion. Despite the market's size, many of these establishments face challenges related to digitization, credit ratings, competition, product diversity, and access to financing.

As 24SEVEN sets its sights on transforming the grocery retail landscape in the UAE, it aims to address these challenges, offering small businesses a pathway to thrive in an increasingly digitized marketplace.

Source: EntArabi

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