US Tech Adoption Across Various Technologies
Published date : 10 June 2024

US Tech Adoption Across Various Technologies

Cellphone adoption in the US began to rise steadily in the early 1990s. Then in the late 2000s, smartphones began their ascent with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. By 2023, smartphone adoption neared 90%, indicating the deep integration of these devices into daily life, driven by their multifunctional capabilities encompassing communication, internet access, and numerous applications.

While the internet saw significant growth starting in the mid-1990s. The adoption rate continued to increase through the early 2000s, reaching around 75% by 2010.

From cellphones and the internet in the 1990s to smartphones in the late 2000s and now AI in the 2020s, each technology has significantly transformed everyday life and business operations. This suggests that as new technologies emerge, the adoption rates are likely to be even faster, driven by an increasingly interconnected and tech-savvy population.

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