Key Milestones of Turkey’s Startup Ecosystem
Published date : 20 February 2024

Key Milestones of Turkey’s Startup Ecosystem

Turkey's emergence as a notable player in the global startup scene is marked by the rise of unicorns across multiple sectors.

The initial wave of unicorns comprised local powerhouses in consumer-focused areas like e-commerce, food delivery, and payments.

This was followed by significant successes in the gaming sector, which has become a vibrant and influential part of the Turkish startup landscape.

There have been optimistic predictions about Turkey's potential to produce new gaming unicorns annually, reflecting the sector's dynamic growth.

More recently, a third wave is emerging within the B2B SaaS space, targeting mid-range clients with services ranging from US $1,000 to US $10,000 monthly.

This sector's expansion has been notable, contributing to the country's growing list of unicorns. Since 2020, Turkey has successfully introduced 7 unicorns to the world, a significant achievement considering none existed before this period.

These developments not only highlight the diversification of Turkey's startup ecosystem but also its ability to adapt and excel in various technology domains. 

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