Top 40 Largest Economies in 2023 GDP (USD Billions)
Published date : 20 March 2024

Top 40 Largest Economies in 2023 GDP (USD Billions)

Egypt is the 2nd wealthiest country in the MENA region behind Saudi Arabia on a GDP PPP basis, and by the same measure, ranked 18th out of 25 wealthiest economies in the world.

It’s noteworthy that Egypt has a GDP PPP that is higher than that of Australia and Thailand.

Where it differs from other MENA countries is on a per capita basis, where its GDP per capita stands at approximately US$ 3,770 lagging behind the wealthy GCC countries.

Among the 40 largest economies in the world, Egypt ranked 38th based on total GDP, ranking just above Nigeria and South Africa, making it the most productive African nation on the list.

Egypt’s GDP falls just behind the size of Malaysia’s.

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