Published date : 16 August 2023

Top 10 Most Funded Foodtech Scaleups in MENA to Date

The most funded Foodtech startup in MENA until June 30, 2023 is Dubai-based KITOPI, having raised over US $800M. Second placed Believer Meats from Israel raised less than half of KITOPI, at $388M.

Abu Dhabi’s Pure Harvest is among one of the world’s most well-funded agtech players, and Saudi's Nana groceries and Foodics B2B Restaurant SaaS round out the top 5.

Places 6 to 10 are all held by Israeli foodtechs that range from cell cultivation, agritech and compostable packaging - showcasing the country's deep bench of startups looking to scale.

That said, all of Israel's 6 startups in this top 10 list, have still fundraised less than UAE's KITOPI and Pure Harvest put together, due to KITOPI's unicorn status-sized fundraising efforts.

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