Low-Carbon Transport & Energy Sectors Overfunded in 2023
Published date : 18 March 2024

Low-Carbon Transport & Energy Sectors Overfunded in 2023

ClimateTech investments had its heyday in 2022, attracting a record US $57 billion of investments.

Amidst the VC winter in 2023, investments into ClimateTech shrunk to $51 Billion, but a steady stream of investment continues.

ClimateTech investments seem to be over-funding the transport sector at present, and underfunding sectors such as agriculture, building and infrastructure, and industry.

The US and China lead in terms of VC and PE funding into climate tech,  followed by India, Sweden, UK and Germany, rounding out the top 6 markets investing in climate tech by value.

In 2023, more than 300 deals totaling $14.6 billion was completed by American clean-tech companies, $3 billion more and double the number of deals of the next largest clean-tech market, China.

China mobilized $11.7 billion, driven by clean-energy-equipment and the Electric Vehicle sectors.

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