Investment Rounds for H1 2023 in MENA
Published date : 13 September 2023

Investment Rounds for H1 2023 in MENA

Though the rankings in terms of funding received for the top 4 nation's in MENA have not changed,  the VC winter is apparent with noticeably smaller funds raised for each of these startup ecosystems, except Egypt. 

Israel still leads with $1.83 billion raised in H1 2023, but is on a crash course, as this is 80% lower than H1 2022's $9.4 billion. It's a troubling figure for Israel, as last year's H1 result was already a 27% drop from H1 2021. UAE fundraised 16% less this H1 2023, with $590 million versus last year's $699 million by this time. Saudi Arabia raised 10% less, with $528 million raised,  versus last year's $584 million. 

The biggest winner in MENA is Egypt,  having raised 40% more this year than last year, having raised $432 million in H1 2023 versus $307 million in H1 2022.

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