Digital Health: Global Deals & Funding in Q2 2023
Published date : 26 November 2023

Digital Health: Global Deals & Funding in Q2 2023

Recent analysis by CB Insights shows that in Q2'23, care delivery and navigation tech dominated the healthtech VC scene, securing a staggering US $1.5 billion in 3 months; this makes it the sole digital health segment to breach the billion-dollar threshold in a single quarter.

Care delivery and navigation tech makes up roughly 45% of the entire digital healthcare business, and roughly 49% of all digital healthcare companies fall under this category – providing better therapy, patient remote assistance or patient treatment.

Hot on the heels of patient care, was startups in the monitoring, imaging, and diagnostics tech, which garnered $700 million in fundraising in Q2 2023.

The drug research & development sector wasn't far behind, raising $400 million in the same quarter.

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