Comparison of EU: Public Chargers & EV Stock
Published date : 20 October 2023

Comparison of EU: Public Chargers & EV Stock

There is a fast-charging station on every main road in Norway, where 4,000 cars can charge simultaneously, reducing queues and range anxiety.

Enova SF is a government body owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment and is responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing technology to help Norway achieve that.

It has been supporting charging infrastructure since 2011, when it provided €7 million to build 1,900 charge points.

It recently allocated about €4.88 million to develop fast charging. Norway had approximately 24,100 charge points in 2022.

It is also home to the fastest electric charger.

ABB and Eviny have collaborated to install Terra 360 which can fully charge an EV in 15 minutes or less.

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