BYD Passenger BEV Monthly Sales
Published date : 28 August 2023

BYD Passenger BEV Monthly Sales

May 2023 saw BYD setting a monthly sales record by moving 119,603 units off the lots - a staggering 124% year-on-year increase, compared to Tesla’s 56,000 EVs.

For the first time, BYD also outsold Tesla in BEV sales with 352,163 compared to Tesla's 466,140 in Q2 2023.

It's not just the sales and production numbers that are sky-rocketing though; BYD's range, including popular models such as the Han, Dolphin, Tang, Song, Qin, and the luxury Seal, is appealing to a wider range of consumers compared to others in the EV space.

At the heart of this growth is the company's innovations in battery technology, with ambitions of becoming a leading global supplier in the near future.

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