Top 10 Countries for Crypto Ownership
Published date : 20 May 2024

Top 10 Countries for Crypto Ownership

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads globally in cryptocurrency ownership, with 30.4% of its population engaged in crypto, thanks to a favorable environment and the high disposable income of the expat community. The UAE government strongly supports the market, with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA-ADGM) being the first to establish comprehensive cryptocurrency regulations. The UAE's progressive stance includes proposing zero taxes for crypto owners and businesses, fostering an ideal climate for digital currency growth.

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam stands out with its significant cryptocurrency holdings, with 21.2% of its population engaged in crypto. The Crypto Council for Innovation points out that Vietnam’s tax-free status for cryptocurrency assets makes it a particularly attractive investment. A key factor contributing to Vietnam's high rate of crypto ownership is its considerable unbanked population—those without access to traditional financial services.

Cryptocurrencies offer a viable alternative, enabling these individuals to participate in the financial system without needing conventional banking services.

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