The Foodtech Frontier & Foodtech Along the Value Chain

By Avantika Seth, 28 August 2023

The world of food and technology is experiencing a remarkable transformation, giving rise to a plethora of innovative sub-sectors that are revolutionizing the way we grow, produce, distribute, and consume food. 

From farm to fork, startups are harnessing cutting-edge technologies and novel approaches to address pressing challenges and shape the future of the food industry. 

From Bugs to Burgers

Photo: IKEA's “Bug Burger” is made up of 20% mealworms. Credit: SPACE10

One area of exploration within foodtech is the realm of alternative protein sources. With the rising demand for sustainable and ethical food options, startups are delving into plant-based proteins, culti

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The Growing Business of Foodtech

There are over 124 foodtech unicorns around the world worth over US $1.3 trillion. The Foodtech market itself surpassed US $260 billion last year alone. Alt-Proteins, 3D Printing Food, and AI integrated Restaurant SaaS: The future of food has arrived.