Norway’s Small but Mighty EV Obsession

Norway’s Small but Mighty EV Obsession

By Staff Writer, 11 October 2023

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88% of all new cars sold in Norway in 2022 were electric vehicles or hybrids. 

The country is well on its way towards a 2025 target it has set to have 100% of all new car sales be EVs. This level of dedication is getting dramatic results for this small and mighty country, where already 27% of the country’s total car stock has been electrified. Government incentives such as VAT exemptions and no road taxes or toll charges have all supported the swift uptake of EVs in the country.  

Infobyte: Norway’s Electric Car Sales

In 2022, 88% of all passenger cars sold in Norway were electric or hybrid vehicles. 166,000 EVs were sold, showing a 9% YoY growth. The country is home to over 790,000 electric vehicles, which comprises 33% of the country’s entire fleet of cars. The country is home to more EVs and hybrids than it is to diesel-powered vehicles today.

Infobyte: Norway’s Electric Car Stock

Infobyte: Norway’s Electric Car Share of Passenger Cars 2022

An Electrified Nation

Norway set a target for all new car sales to be electric by 2025 and ban the sale of conventional cars. Norway has implemented strong EV policies and incentives which started in 1990 with the temporary cancellation of import tax that was then made permanent in 1996. Besides the abolishment of import tax on purchases, its incentives include 25% VAT exemption, no road tax, no toll charges or charges on ferries, free parking, and access to bus lanes.

December 2022 was a record-breaking month for EV registrations in Norway, due to an influx of battery-powered EV deliveries in the final month of the year.  

Infobyte: Norway’s EV Registration Surge 2014-2022

Spoiled for Choice

As an electric vehicle loving nation, Norway has 13 more models to choose from than it’s EV loving neighbours in Germany. Tesla consistently sells over 20,000 units in Norway, and holds the largest market share, followed by Volkswagen. However, Tesla is only one brand and Volkswagen Group has several different brands. Three of its models were in the top 10 best-selling cars: Volkswagen ID.4, Audi e-tron, and Skoda Enyaq. Despite the competition, Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in Norway, selling 50% more than runner up Volkswagen ID.4. 

Infobyte: Norway Electric Car Model Availability across Car Segments

Infobyte: Norway EV Sales by Brand 2021

Infobyte: How the Norwegian Tax System Helps EVs Compete with Similar Petrol Models

Reliable Charging Infrastructure

There is a fast-charging station on every main road in Norway, where 4,000 cars can charge simultaneously, reducing queues and range anxiety. Enova SF is a government body owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment and is responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing technology to help Norway achieve that. It has been supporting charging infrastructure since 2011, when it provided €7 million to build 1,900 charge points. It recently allocated about €4.88 million to develop fast charging. Norway had approximately 24,100 charge points in 2022. It is also home to the fastest electric charger. ABB and Eviny have collaborated to install Terra 360 which can fully charge an EV in 15 minutes or less. 

Infobyte: Comparison of EU: Public Chargers (’000) & EV Stock (Millions)

Infobyte: Top European Countries with the Most Charging Points 2021

Infobyte: Norway EV Incentives

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