Revolutionizing the F&B Industry in the GCC: A Digital Transformation Story

By Ahmad AlZaini, 29 August 2023

Globally, the F&B industry is a risky business with the failure rate in the first year being around 50%. 

However, our region is one of the fastest-growing F&B markets in the world. With the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and other countries' visionary goals and plans, transforming economic and social reforms, this is also opening the region up further to the world.

Embracing Digitization in F&B

Plenty of global restaurant brands are now flocking to open in the region, while homegrown eateries are welcoming the competition and taking this opportunity to up their game. These factors are further cementing the need for digitization in the F&B industry, as more and more outlets are scaling up and growing their businesses. 

In fact, GCC countries have been consistently e

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