Egypt’s Most Active Investors: The Global, Regional & Local Investors Fueling the Ecosystem

Egypt’s Most Active Investors: The Global, Regional & Local Investors Fueling the Ecosystem

By Ashok Raman, 22 March 2024

Egypt boasts over 160 Venture Capitals and Investors that are supporting its startup ecosystem – both local and international.

These players have collectively participated in over 800 deals over the past 5 years, worth over $2 billion. The investor landscape has a fair mix of local, regional and international investors ploughing funds into the ecosystem. Here we introduce you to some of the most prominent investors, accelerators, and incubators that are funding the Egyptian startup ecosystem.

Egypt’s startup ecosystem is part of the top three within the MENA VC landscape, due to the strong entrepreneurial culture found in Egypt, and a supportive environment supported by various stakeholders, including the government, international agencies, incubators, and venture capital firms.

The list of most active investors are mostly local investors, who have primarily participated in lower rounds requiring smaller funding amounts, such as in seed and pre-seed levels. Some of the larger funds are both local and regional who participate in later rounds, which require larger funding amounts. The investors are a mix of both funds and incubators, with Flat6Labs being one of the prominent accelerators in the country, while Falak Startups is a government run accelerator.

Infobyte: Deals Signed with Egyptian Startups, by Local vs Regional vs International Investors (2019-2023)

While the most active investors are local, the investor landscape has always been dominated by presence of more international investors, year on year since 2015. It is interesting to note that in the past 6 years, international firms (beyond the region) have financed more Egyptian startups than regional VC firms.

The nature of business is different between incubators and accelerators vs. venture capital firms, as incubators and accelerators will invariably have a large number of portfolio companies while venture capital funds tend to participate in seed stage and growth stage funding.

Infobyte: Number of Investors in Egypt


Read more in the Special Report, ‘Investing in Egypt’s Startup Ecosystem’.

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