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1 EpisodePublished on 10 June 2024
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In this series, we sit down with CEOs and entrepreneurs from startups and tech companies around the world. Each episode features candid conversations with trailblazers who share their stories, challenges, and critical moments that shaped their companies. Gain insights into how their minds work, how they turn ideas into reality, navigate the startup life, and the invaluable lessons they learned along the way. Uncover the keys to their success, their strategies, and their unique perspectives on the startup ecosystem.

In our inaugural episode, we kick off with an inspiring interview with Chris Barton, the founding CEO of Shazam. Chris takes us on an incredible journey, recounting the origins of Shazam, a revolutionary music identification app that has been downloaded over 2 billion times. He shares the monumental challenges faced in developing such a groundbreaking technology in the year 2000, long before the era of smartphones and app stores.

Join us as we explore how Chris and other tech pioneers turned their visions into reality, overcame significant hurdles, and achieved remarkable success in their fields. Through these candid conversations, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the startup journey, from conception to growth and beyond.

In this Series

1 Episode
Covered Topics
  • Ep. 1: Shazam’s creative fundraising strategies and securing angel investors
  • Ep. 1: Shazam's growth through word-of-mouth and strategic partnerships
  • Ep. 1: The successful acquisition of Shazam by Apple and the lessons learned
Special Guests

Chris Barton

CEO of Dubai Future Distrit Fund

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